Monday, 15 August 2016

Manufacturers Explaining Properties of FRP for Strengthening

FRP material is a composite material that is gaining its roots in the construction industry. Manufacturers of FRP gratings India are acquiring more clients for their products and services due to their properties like lightweight, corrosion resistance, high tensile strength, and easy to implementation.  These properties make the FRP material ideal solution for strengthening method of reinforced concrete structural elements. In this article, we will discuss the benefits of FRP usage as composite materials.

Reinforced concrete structures’ strengthening is critical for many reasons like earthquakes, inadequate strength-strain properties, etc. In addition to traditional ways to strengthen the components like jacketing, externally bonded steel plates, etc. advanced composite material has become major component for strengthening of RC structures. Use of FRP materials for strengthening has increased in past few years.

Strengthening Techniques for Concrete Reinforced Structures:

The major objective of repairing is to restore the function of the deteriorated or damaged parts of non-structural elements. Strengthening theory can be explained as the process of enhancing capacity of the damaged components of the structural concrete to its genuine design capacity, or enhancement over the original structure strength. Strengthening of reinforced concrete structures is critical due to many reasons-

•    Earthquake hazards
•    Accidents  like fire, explosion
•    Reinforcement corrosion
•    Incorrect calculations and project applications
•    Unsuitable material usage
•    Inadequate lateral reinforcement
•    Poor workmanship
•    Extra storey
•    Over loading

Do you know the Advantages and Disadvantages of Composite Materials?

Composite materials are advantageous. Some of benefits of using these materials are-

•    High strength to weight ratio
•    Air condition, corrosion and chemical resistance
•    High workability
•    High stiffness to weight ratio
•    Easy formability
•    Low transport cost due to lightweight
•    Low heat conductivity
•    High impact strength
•    Electrical insulation and conductivity

As it is said that there is nothing that comes only with positive side, there are some negatives of composite materials. We will discuss them now.

•    Manufacturing cost is high.
•    Materials are brittle.
•    Materials need refrigerated transport and storage and have short life.
•    Composites need to be contaminant free before repair.
•    Dry composites should be used for repairing as all resin matrices and some fibers absorb moisture.

Matrices are second major components used in composite materials. Their main function is to hold the fibers together, transfers loads and protects the fibers from external influences. Some important properties of matrices materials are-

•    Reduced moisture absorption
•    Low shrinkage
•    Low coefficient of thermal expansion
•    Reasonable strength
•    Good flow of characteristics
•    Low temperature capability
•    Dimensional stability
•    Excellent chemical resistance
•    Flexible to transfer load to fibers

Manufacturers of FRP Gratings India have just explained important properties and advantages of FRP materials. These composite materials are used for fabrication of FRP profiles. If you have queries related to FRP materials or you want to source some FRP gratings, contact manufacturers and suppliers today.

Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Why People Prefer Frp Pipes Over Other Pipes?

FRP pipes are used in sea water, water transportation, sewerage, gas, petroleum, chemical etc. these pipes compete with the conventional materials like epoxy coated ms, ductile iron, hdpe, pvc. FRP pipes are non corrosive in nature with long life and a proper selection of resin; this is the main advantage of FRP pipes. These have an inherent advantage of highly corrosive resistant to sea water, cold water for power plants, brine solutions and chlorine/acid. These can be operated at high temperatures continuously. The installation can be done at sea-level or above the ground.

FRP means FIBREGLASS REINFORCED PIPING system. These systems are tested by FRP pipe manufacturers India for their durability and values in stony environments and brutal applications for decades.

The following are the reasons why people prefer FRP make over other pipes:

1)      FRP pipe manufacturers make sure that they FRP pipes which last for a minimum of 50 years. In the entire life time of the pipe, the inside smooth surface never gets damaged.

2)      There is nearly 5-10% difference in the cost as compared to the steel pipes and also these are much better on the cost front as well unlike the pre-stressed cement concrete variety.

3)      These pipes are only 25% of the weight of a steel pipe and also to speed up the installation. These pipes are available up to a length of 12m. Thus the installation process is easy for the FRP pipe manufacturers and handling the pipe is also easy compared to the steel ones.

4)      These pipes can maintain the most demanding structure at the critical tolerances and the piping applications.  The materials with dimensional tolerance and stringent material stiffness are used.

5)      These pipes have low thermal conductivity. This helps in low temperature losses. This also eliminates condensation. There is no need for thermal insulation in addition.

6)      The piping system is corrosion resistant both inside and outside. Hence they can be used for handling saturated brine, dilute acids, organic solvents and many other corrosive chemicals. As it is null corrosive, there is no need for additional lining and exterior coating.

7)      Due to the low friction factor, the pumping cost is very low and a lot of energy is saved during the life cycle of pipe.

8)      Due to the absence of corrosion there is not maintenance cost.

9)      It offers versatility in design. By the proper selection of resin system, these can be made fire resistant. This is the responsibility of the FRP pipe manufacturers.

10)  When FRP pipe manufacturers let the pipe go for cyclic loadings, the pipes provide very high resistance to fatigue. This enhances its performance for a longer period of life.
Applications of FRP pipes:

These pipes are used in sea water, industrial ducting, effluent water, sweet water, water transmission, well casing, chemical & petrochemical industries, industrial process pipeline, sewer fire protection and many more.

Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Making The Best Choice for Cable Trays

Have you ever caught yourself in a situation when you want to buy a cable tray for your place, but get confuse between frp cable trays, ladder cable trays, ventilated trough cable tray and other types of products? In this post, we will discuss about different types of cable trays available at manufacturing units and supplier's store throughout the world.

Ladder cable tray

Industries are using ladder cable trays for about 75% of cable tray wiring system installations. Ladder cable tray with no cover allows the maximum ventilation throughout the cables. This helps in dissipating the heat that is produced within the cable's conductors. These cables don't get premature aging symptoms due to excessive operating temperatures.

Its rungs offer convenient anchors for connecting cables in the non-horizontal cable tray runs. This makes the ladder cable tray ideal for single conductor cable installation. You won't get trouble by moisture as it cannot accumulate in cable trays.

Ventilated Trough Cable Tray

You will only pick a ventilated trough cable tray over ladder design for its aesthetics. There is no drooping of small cables in ventilated model.

Solid bottom cable tray

The reason for taking solid bottom cable tray is to avail protection for delicate circuits. A solid bottom steel cable tray (along with steel covers) offers great extend of protection if there are no holes or breaks in the completed installation.

Engineers and designers hired by FRP cable trays manufacturers specify solid bottom cable trays in the belief that all the electrical circuits need to be enclosed by metal. There are hardly any chances of cable failures in cable tray runs.

FRP cable trays

FRP cable trays are innovative and best products so far. They don't need maintenance and are durable. FRP products are made with fiberglass plastic material that makes the range of products stronger and chemical or acid resistant.

Monday, 25 April 2016

How the Makers Carry Out Pultrusion Process?

To understand the concept of pultrusion process, you need to know what exactly the process is. Pultrusion is a continuous process used by FRP pultruded sections manufacturers to produce pultruded profiles with constant cross-sections. It includes resin reinforcement phase as well. Resin used for preparation of FRP sections are of best quality and put into a heated die. Once it is set into the die, resin then undergoes a process of curing known as polymerization. When the polymerization process is done, resin pulled out from the die in solid form.
The pultrusion process involves labor use and is generally performed for bulk production of constant cross section profiles.
Manufacturers of pultruded profiles and sections offer custom pultrusion products. The machines they use are larger in size and unmatched in performance. The machines used by foundries are the keys to successfully manufacturing vast size pultruded fiberglass and pultruded carbon fiber. The custom pulrtuded carbon fiber profiles are well-fitted for strength, stiffness, and geometric requests. These are usually used for high stiffness applications that need a modulus of elasticity. Carbon fiber pultrusions can be made with epoxy, Vinyl Ester, or polyurethane resins.
Other flooring products intended with specialized resin
If you are tired of maintaining your present building materials and want to have something that hardly needs any maintenance or downtime and FRP flooring solutions are best to consider. The range includes fiberglass gratings, molded gratings, fiberglass panels, and decking systems, which is intended and designed to rigid standards.
When you need lightweight, low cost solution that hardly needs maintenance and regular checks, you can count on frp grating solutions that are easily available at FRP pultruded sections manufacturing outlet. Fibertech Global is a company that provides premium range of pultruded FRP and GRP products at reasonable rates.

You can visit their website and write to customer support desk about your requirements. Their experts will respond you soon and will share a quote.

Thursday, 10 March 2016

How FRP Pipes Manufacturers Strengthen Their Plastic Pipes?

Due to various advantages and affordability, most water industries are switching to FRP / GRP pipes and giving farewell to their traditional metal pipes. As pipes manufacturers produce their range of products using such materials that provide corrosion resistance, weather proofing, and chemical resistance, industries are vastly relying on their products. To ensure reliability and make their products more robust and durable, FRP pipes manufacturers use special technique to strengthen plastic pipes.

These days industries are taking interest in water recycling. Generally, wastewater or sewage is treated to expel impurities and later this treated water is discharged into rivers or seas. The wastewater is transformed into portable water using reverse osmosis technique. When it comes to treating water, FRP pipes rope in significant role and industries are using them in such plants to avail advantages -
  • Vast variety of material properties
  • Highly corrosion resistance
  • Longevity
  • Smooth inner surface
  • Low friction
  • Negligible maintenance cost
  • No need of protective cover
Manufacturers are using special materials namely polyester epoxy resins reinforced with continuous fiber or glass filaments. Most of the thermoplastic-based pipes come under category of non-reinforced extruded products. And FRP products are different as these are produced by winding processes that include use of epoxy resins / thermosetting polyester reinforced with continuous fiberglass.

Once these resins reacts chemically, the process is irreversible after curing, which ensures good temperature resistance feature of FRP pipes. The manufacturing process used by FRP pipes manufacturers is less complicated and economical as the material of construction and product are produced simultaneously. Due to such production techniques, manufacturers get frp pipes at competitive prices and in bulk volumes. High chemical resistance is next best feature that makes FRP/GRP pipes useful for industries.

In this way manufacturers strengthen their frp or grp pipes and make them best for industrial use.