Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Why People Prefer Frp Pipes Over Other Pipes?

FRP pipes are used in sea water, water transportation, sewerage, gas, petroleum, chemical etc. these pipes compete with the conventional materials like epoxy coated ms, ductile iron, hdpe, pvc. FRP pipes are non corrosive in nature with long life and a proper selection of resin; this is the main advantage of FRP pipes. These have an inherent advantage of highly corrosive resistant to sea water, cold water for power plants, brine solutions and chlorine/acid. These can be operated at high temperatures continuously. The installation can be done at sea-level or above the ground.

FRP means FIBREGLASS REINFORCED PIPING system. These systems are tested by FRP pipe manufacturers India for their durability and values in stony environments and brutal applications for decades.

The following are the reasons why people prefer FRP make over other pipes:

1)      FRP pipe manufacturers make sure that they FRP pipes which last for a minimum of 50 years. In the entire life time of the pipe, the inside smooth surface never gets damaged.

2)      There is nearly 5-10% difference in the cost as compared to the steel pipes and also these are much better on the cost front as well unlike the pre-stressed cement concrete variety.

3)      These pipes are only 25% of the weight of a steel pipe and also to speed up the installation. These pipes are available up to a length of 12m. Thus the installation process is easy for the FRP pipe manufacturers and handling the pipe is also easy compared to the steel ones.

4)      These pipes can maintain the most demanding structure at the critical tolerances and the piping applications.  The materials with dimensional tolerance and stringent material stiffness are used.

5)      These pipes have low thermal conductivity. This helps in low temperature losses. This also eliminates condensation. There is no need for thermal insulation in addition.

6)      The piping system is corrosion resistant both inside and outside. Hence they can be used for handling saturated brine, dilute acids, organic solvents and many other corrosive chemicals. As it is null corrosive, there is no need for additional lining and exterior coating.

7)      Due to the low friction factor, the pumping cost is very low and a lot of energy is saved during the life cycle of pipe.

8)      Due to the absence of corrosion there is not maintenance cost.

9)      It offers versatility in design. By the proper selection of resin system, these can be made fire resistant. This is the responsibility of the FRP pipe manufacturers.

10)  When FRP pipe manufacturers let the pipe go for cyclic loadings, the pipes provide very high resistance to fatigue. This enhances its performance for a longer period of life.
Applications of FRP pipes:

These pipes are used in sea water, industrial ducting, effluent water, sweet water, water transmission, well casing, chemical & petrochemical industries, industrial process pipeline, sewer fire protection and many more.

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